Thursday, 29 May 2014

MVDA Concern at loss of Lib Dem Supporter of ELV Directive

The End of Life Vehicles Directive lost an important champion last week when Liberal Democrat Chris Davies (North West) failed to hold onto his seat as an MEP in the ‘euro’ elections.
Mr Davies was a strong supporter of the ELV Directive, over the years having repeatedly voiced his concerns about its correct functioning, particularly the fact that vast numbers of vehicles seemed to be by-passing the Certificate of Destruction (COD) system and the legitimate vehicle recycling industry.
Mr Davies was instrumental in getting the ‘scrap tick box’ removed from the UK vehicle registration document V5C, a ‘legal’ mechanism that negated the need for a COD.  He was recently involved again in discussions with UK Government about further COD ‘loopholes’ that had come to light and were suspected to be allowing up to 500,000 vehicles annually to ‘disappear’.

A COD should be issued when every vehicle is scrapped, and can only be issued by a Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF).  But since its introduction in the UK in 2006 the number of CODs issued annually has been consistently much lower than expected (currently about 1.2 million).  This is a problem experienced in much of Western Europe, with enormous levels of illegal dismantling and export.
MVDA fears that, with the loss of such an important campaigner for the ELV Directive, Government is less likely to be scrutinised and held to account for shortcomings in proper enforcement of ELV regulations, allowing the already widespread illegal activities to continue to flourish, and further undermining legitimate UK vehicle recyclers.
MVDA hopes the new incumbents will take a similar interest in this important piece of legislation, which provides significant value to the UK in terms of jobs and environmental benefits, but fears that in the run up to next years general election their interest will be on more populist topics.

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