Monday, 11 August 2014

Introduction of new petroleum regulations

On 1 October 2014 the Petroleum (Consolidation) Regulations 2014 are due to come into force.
As with existing petrol storage legislation, they apply to:
  • workplaces that store petrol and dispense it through manual or electrical pumping from a storage tank (termed petrol filling stations, retail & non-retail);
  • storage of petrol at non-workplace premises, eg private homes, clubs, associations, etc.
The Regulations consolidate much of the existing legislation and the current legislation below will be revoked, so there is little overall change.  The current licensing regime is being replaced with a certification scheme.  So to store petrol at a petrol filling station (see above) a petroleum storage certificate will be required.
For new applicants, the application process will be similar to the current system for licences and applications will be to the local Petroleum Enforcement (licensing) Authority.  But it is likely that a greater level of detail will be required during the application/ renewal process.  This will include drawings of the:
  • layout of the dispensing premises;
  • containment system for petrol at the dispensing premises, including storage tanks and pipe work;
  • drainage system for petrol at the dispensing premises.
Under the new Regulations, existing licences remain valid until their expiry date when, if the storage conditions remain unaltered, they will be converted to a storage certificate.  If a significant change (referred to in the new Regulations as a ‘prescribed material change’) takes place at premises before the licence expiry date then a storage certificate will be required at that point to replace the licence.
This means there will be a phased introduction of storage certificates for existing sites.  So, for the vast majority of petrol filling stations no action is required on implementation of the new Regulations in October.
There will be no change in the level of fees.

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