Monday, 13 October 2014

DVLA on-Line Services - Further Welcome Developments

DVLA has just issued further (very brief) information about two new on-line services it is currently developing and has been testing with the vehicle fleet industry:

§        View Vehicle Record (VVR)
§        Disposal to Trade (DTT)

VVR will allow a fleet operator to be able to view, on-line & in real time, the details of all the vehicles registered to them. 

DTT will allow a company to notify DVLA that a vehicle has been sold to a motor trader & this will remove the vehicle from their records (so it won’t subsequently appear on their VVR).

With some large fleet operators owning more than ½ million vehicles, and notifying DVLA of 500-1200 notifications of disposal to a motor trader every day, both these developments have enormous time-saving potential.

It’s great to see DVLA making these changes & embracing technology to make everyone’s life easier.  And hopefully, this will eventually allow DVLA to track vehicle movements all the way through the motor trade, and ultimately clamp down on illegal dismantling and can keep track of vehicle exports.

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