Monday, 12 January 2015


WAMITAB is just about to release a series of ‘Revision Guides’ for Continuing Competence candidates for the period up to mid-March 2016.

There are 5 booklets of potential interest to members:

  • Generic: Health & Safety
  • Generic: Legislation
  • Generic: Environmental protection
  • Activity specific: ELV
  • Activity specific: Metal recycling (for those members that are also metal recyclers)
At the time of writing they are not yet available but should be by the time you read this.  We have seen the ELV Revision Guide and think that it is very useful.

The cost is likely to be £6/ booklet, plus postage & packing, so a set of 4 (3xGeneric + ELV) is expected to cost £24 + P&P.

Copies will be available to purchase from MVDA.

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