Friday, 25 September 2015


VIC will be abolished from 26th October 2015
In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the new scheme transitional arrangements will apply between 1st - 26th October 2015 to make sure that VIC inspections can be completed for vehicle applications already in the system.
From 26th October 2015 DVLA will no longer issue V5C’s for Category A and B vehicles.
The transition arrangements from 1 October 2015 means that any new applications for a replacement V5C for category C vehicles are unlikely to need a VIC test.  Customers should contact DVLA or DVSA to check.
With effect from 26th October for category C vehicles with historical VIC markers, tests will no longer be required for a customer to get a replacement V5C.  Where an appointment for a VIC is already scheduled the vehicle will be inspected up to abolition.  However if the owner wishes to wait until 26 October they can cancel the DVSA appointment under the normal terms and reapply for a V5.
A replacement V5C for a category C vehicle will continue to be FOC.
New DVLA application forms are being prepared & will be available from 26th October.  There is currently no information about the speed with which DVLA will issue V5C for cat C salvage.
Category A and B vehicles will continue to require a VIC check to obtain a replacement registration document up to 25th October. After this date these vehicles will no longer be issued with a V5C and must be destroyed.

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