Saturday, 16 January 2016


The 16th International Automobile Recycling Congress will take place on March 16-18th 2016 at the Hotel Palace in Berlin.

Featuring this year will be Oliver Scholz, CEO of Scholz Holding GmbH (, a large German company with interests in ELV recycling. He will be talking about the export, illegal & otherwise, of ELVs.

As part of the event site visits have also been arranged to the VW assembly plant in Wolfsburg & to Call Parts (

The congress will focus on:

·         The role of different stakeholders in the ELV recycling chain

·         Circular economy & resource efficiency

·         Life cycle and sustainability aspects of car recycling

·         Best available recycling technologies

·         How can car manufacturers and the dismantling industry close the recycling loop?

·         How to stop illegal export of ELV's

·         Can illegal treatment and exports of ELVs be countered by deregistration and implementation of a Certificate of Destruction?

·         Next generation recycling processes and equipment

·         Report on actions by global car manufacturers on how to facilitate achieving recycling goals

·         Recycling capabilities of new and emerging technologies

·         Update on new laws and regulations

A large exhibition area is integrated into the conference facilities.

Toyota is offering test drives with their fuel cell vehicle “Mirai” exclusively for the participants of IARC 2016.

The basic price for the event currently starts at Eu1590+VAT for attendees, excluding hotel room costs & the functions/ events. There are various discounts for students etc.

More information can be found here:

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