Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Used Parts, Salvage and ELV's

Used Parts
The use of second hand vehicle parts is as old as the motor car itself, and is probably the single greatest success story in the reuse/ recycling of any consumer product.  And re-use is the best possible form of recycling!  Apart from saving the motorist money & creating employment in the UK, it has enormous environmental benefits.  All this, & yet the vehicle recycling industry remains saddled with the old ‘scrap yard’ image and largely unappreciated!

MVDA members:
Are the UK’s largest suppliers of quality used vehicle parts
Most parts are sold ‘off-the-shelf, over-the-counter, on-line’
All parts are supplied with a guarantee
Nation-wide delivery is usually available
Meet environmental and consumer protection legislation

Motor salvage
Every year more than ½ million vehicles are written off as total losses by insurers and self-insured fleets/ lease companies.  Motor salvage can be a great way for consumers to save money & get a vehicle for a fraction of forecourt prices.  And it helps the environment by extending the life of a vehicle, especially when repaired using 2nd hand parts.  But whether buying or selling salvage it is important understand exactly what is required of you, what to be aware of & what to avoid.

MVDA members are amongst the longest established UK salvage agents
MVDA believes:
ABI COP should be mandatory for all insurers & self-insured fleet/ lease operators
All motor salvage should be recorded on MIAFTR
ABI COP & ETC Guidelines are out of date & must be reviewed by all stakeholders (not just insurance industry) & updated
Salvage producers must have legal responsibility for ensuring correct handling of salvage
All category A and B vehicles should be destroyed in the UK with a COD produced within 30 days
The widespread manipulation of salvage category (carried out to optimise financial returns) must be stopped
The uncontrolled export of motor salvage must be stopped
Compliance with ABI COP should be transparent & audited

End of Life Vehicles
Every year in UK it is estimated about 2 million vehicles become End of Life.  ELVs are already one of the most highly recycled consumer products.  But unless they are recycled in the correct way, the materials they contain (such as oils, coolant and air-con gas) can cause major environmental pollution.  Over the last 20 years there have been huge improvements in the operating standards of many vehicle recyclers, helping to protect the environment.  But this has come at a huge cost to operators.  Sadly, professional recyclers that belong to MVDA are still heavily outnumbered by illegal and sub-standard operators, with over 500,000 vehicles every year being dismantled and scrapped by illegal operators.

MVDA believes:
The huge costs of legal compliance by professional operators severely disadvantages MVDA members
Government & regulators must work more closely with & support legal operators by ensuring a level playing field
Greater & more consistent enforcement effort is needed by EA/ SEPA/ NRW, DVLA, BIS, local authorities and Police Forces

DVLA must track vehicles all way through their life, from 1st registration via AFRL, through motor trade and private ownership, to final destruction with COD at an ATF

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