Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Welcome to the Motor Vehicle Dismantlers Association Blog

The MVDA was formed in 1943 to represent the interests of UK based Automotive Recyclers and Dismantlers.
  • About 200 UK company members
  • Membership is open to companies of all sizes, from owner-operators to national multi-site & international businesses:
    • Vehicle dismantlers, salvage agents, metal recyclers
    • Companies associated with the industry (auction houses, recovery operators, body shops, equipment suppliers, service providers etc.
  • Represents the interests of members
  • Provides advice & guidance to members
  • Acts as a conduit for information to and from Government, other industry sectors & consumers
  • Checks new legislation affecting the industry is both practical and effective;
  • Provides feedback to government on legislation to highlight shortcomings, unintended consequences or negative impacts on legitimate business
  • Encourages professionalism in order to give confidence that members are:
    • Operating legally
    • Meet certain standards
    • Protect the environment
What can MVDA do for you?
For just £1.35 per day you can have the following benefits all year round:
Telephone Advice Service
MVDA staff are ‘at the end of the phone’ to assist you with any queries you might have about legislation, permitting, Health & Safety, recycling targets, technical competence, consumer protection, illegal operators, training etc.
Site Insurance Schemes
MVDA can provide advice & assistance in both obtaining insurance & reducing the costs through minimisation of risks.  MVDA has special arrangements with a number of major insurers/ brokers that provide insurance cover for our industry
UK & European Government Representation
MVDA is the conduit for the flow of information to and from Government, both UK and European; the means by which our members are warned of new legislation or changes to existing legislation; and the means by which we let Government know the practical implications of these changes to our members and the industry as a whole
Industry Training Schemes 
Information about & access to training schemes for vehicle recyclers, including Technical Competence, Health & Safety, Airbags, Part Worn Tyres, Fuel recovery etc.
Quarterly Magazine
Delivered to you, by e-mail or on paper, every quarter and giving you the latest information about the Industry, legislation, new equipment, and much more.  Back copies archived in the ‘members’ section of the website
Representation on MVDA Website
Your company and contact details listed on the MVDA website with details of the services you offer to customers
Access to the ‘Members-Only’ Section of the MVDA Website
Updated every week with latest information on a wide range of subjects affecting our industry, technical guidances, MVDA presentations & consultation responses and a wide range of documents available to download

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