Friday, 5 September 2014

BBC Seeks Motor Salvage Company - Your chance to become (in)famous!

The leading television company, Boundless, has made a range of programmes including hit business series, The Apprentice (BBC ONE), Grand Designs (Channel 4) and Great British Railway Journeys (BBC TWO).

They are currently producing a brand new prime-time show for the BBC in which they hope to showcase various industries across the UK, the first being the car sales industry. The idea is for the audience to learn more about the industry and also to explore the diversity you may come across within the same job in different areas.  In particular they would like to showcase the salvage side of car sales.

Boundless is hoping to find a confident car sales expert to take part in an immersive job swap experiment in which two experienced professionals switch places with each other, relocating to do the same job in an entirely new location. Over a fortnight, they will be immersed into their new role, getting to grips with a new boss, a new community and new clients.  It is a chance to show they have the professional pride and determination to survive and thrive in an unfamiliar environment and to experience life in a different part of Britain.
In terms of logistics, they are aiming to film for two weeks in October (but that could be pushed back if necessary).  They would follow a member of staff relocating to another dealership for two weeks, and for an experienced car salesperson from a different part of the country to replace them.

Boundless is looking for a salvage company that sells repairable vehicles onsite (ie. not purely online), and hopes that they would see this as an exciting opportunity to showcase their business and for one of their staff to experience a different part of the industry, that may provide them with new skills and expertise.
Anybody interested can contact  Lauren Bennie (Assistant Producer, Factual Features, Boundless) on 0207 691 5125 or email

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