Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Reducing fire risk at waste management sites

Fires are one of the biggest problems facing the Waste Management industry today.  Apart from the obvious danger to staff and neighbours, and destruction of site infrastructure, buildings and stock, a significant site fire can have even further reaching consequences.  It could lead to prosecution for failure to undertake legal requirements, liability for environmental clean-up, and difficulties in obtaining on-going business insurance (or even refusal of a claim).

The Waste Industry Safety & Health (WISH) forum has recently issued a 2nd draft of its ‘lengthy (100-page) Fire Control Guidance.  Contributors to the WISH guidance include the English & Scottish Environment Agencies, Health & Safety Executive, Chartered Institute of Waste Management, Chief Fire Officers Association and the insurance industry.

It would appear that the EA will eventually ‘adopt’ this document, meaning that members are likely to come under increasing pressure to ensure they comply with its recommendations.
A copy of the report can now be found here.

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