Thursday, 19 March 2015


The newspapers may be full of talk about the UK going to the polls on May 7, but the poll we are all waiting for is the ‘ABP green parts poll’.
ABP (Auto Body Professionals) surveyed over 1,500 bodyshops (ABP members and non-members) of all sizes, franchised and non-franchised, single site and multi-site.
An on-line survey with 10 multiple choice questions was sent to them earlier this month to assess the attitude of the body repair industry to recycled parts.
The questions asked in the poll were:
Q1  How frequently have you fitted green parts in your bodyshop in the last year?
Q2  If you do use some green parts, why don’t you use more green parts?
Q3  If you have fitted green parts in the last year, what was the reason?
Q4  If you have fitted green parts in the last year, how did you obtain them?
Q5  Do any of your current insurance work providers request the use of green parts on their repairs?
Q6  Given a choice of parts to repair a vehicle, would you fit green parts as a preference over aftermarket (non-OE) parts?
Q7  Would you like the opportunity to have a ‘one stop shop’ single contact option available when ordering your crash repair parts that would provide new OE or green OE or non-OEA items?
Q8  Would a straight forward easy to understand national grading standard for green parts help with your decision to use green parts in your bodyshop?
Q9  Do you have a comment on what the green parts industry need to do to gain greater acceptance within the crash repair industry?
Q10  If you believe that you would never be interested in using green parts in your bodyshop, could you state your reasons
The questions were compiled in association with FAB Recycling and the responses will be unveiled during the Green Parts panel debate in the seminar area at Expo on Wed 25 March at 12 noon.
The 5 panellists at Expo will be:
  • Chas Ambrose, MVDA
  • Ali Campbell, AVIVA
  • Jason Cross, Fab Recycling
  • Terry Gilbert, Fix Auto Stevenage
  • Andy Latham, RecoAuto
We’ll let members know the results next week

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