Tuesday, 3 June 2014

DVLA: They Say No! (to category A & B vehicle export for repair)

Over the years we have been critical of DVLA for allowing category A & B vehicles to be returned to use on the road, both in the UK and overseas.  But it turns out it’s more complicated than might first appear.  Some claimants withdraw the claim and retain the damaged vehicles, and some insurers allow claimants to retain salvage as part of the claim settlement.  But if someone buys from auction and repairs a category B vehicle, then as long as the vehicle passes a VIC, DVLA are by law currently unable to refuse to issue a new V5. – their hands are tied.

In recent months, it has become clear that DVLA has been getting much tougher on this issue.  DVLA will not provide a replacement V5 or export documentation for any category A or B vehicle, irrespective of the cost/ value of the vehicle.  We understand that there has recently been a prime example of an overseas customer requesting documentation for a high value cat B vehicle purchased from a UK salvage ‘auction house’ that they wanted to repair overseas. DVLA said NO!  MVDA fully support DVLA on this.  But MVDA would like to go much further and see all category A and B vehicles destroyed in the UK & a COD issued – no category A or B vehicle should ever have a new V5 issued.
Insurers also have an critical role to play here – it is the responsibility of the insurer and its primary salvage agent to ensure that every category A & B vehicle is destroyed and a COD issued.  If the insurers primary salvage agent cannot deliver this, then an alternative salvage agent should be contracted, as there are well established examples of this ‘best practice’.  It is also essential that salvage is correctly categorised in the first place, and we all know that this is currently a widespread problem.
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