Friday, 13 June 2014

Scrapping the VIC scheme - what happens now?

You will already know that on Monday 9th June DfT announced that the VIC scheme was being abolished from October 2015.  This was MVDAs view in response to the 2012 VIC consultation.
However, DfT also made it clear that there were a number of other problems that had been brought to their attention during the 2012 consultation process.  They were aiming to start to address these issues immediately, so that measures could be put in place before VIC was abolished.
It is not yet clear how the VIC scheme will be phased out & any new arrangements put in place.  But MVDA has been invited by DfT to form part of a small working group to look at these problems, and their potential solutions.  The first meeting will be taking place very shortly, so the Government means to press ahead rapidly.
DfT has provided a set of VIC FAQs and we will forward these to you in a separatee-mail and also post it on the MVDA website shortly.
I will also explain some of the other issues of concern and their implications for members
In the coming weeks and months please do let us have your views on the various aspects being discussed.
These are all very important issues for members, so we will continue to keep you regularly updated.

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