Monday, 2 June 2014

Recycling Targets - A Reminder

BIS has recently issued a reminder to ATFs for submission of recycling target data for vehicles processed during 2013.  The deadline for submissions is 1st July 2014.  This letter can be found in the members section of the MVDA website (documents of interest).  If you have lost your website login details, contact the MVDA office.
Members contracted to the ‘service providers’ CTB or Autogreen should make sure that they have provided all of the requested COD and vehicle information, and they will then take on the recycling target liability.
Any member not contracted to CTB or Autogreen should already have arrangements in place, with whichever shredder or metal merchant they sell shells to, for provision of recycling target contributions.
In the past, both EMR and Sims have provided a contribution of 50kg per vehicle of non-metallic post-shredder recovery to their suppliers.  Together with depollution and non-metallic parts sales, this should have been sufficient to reach the 85% target.  We understand that EMR has already sent a letter to this effect to suppliers, but we have not had this confirmed.  Sims does not appear to have yet sent out such a letter.  If you have not received a letter about target contributions from the appropriate shredder operator it would be prudent to contact them yourselves, now.
The last vehicles to which the 85% target will apply will be those processed during 2014 (and on which you will need to have reported by 1st July 2015).
From 1st January 2015 the recycling target rises from 85% to 95%.  This extra non-metallic material can only be delivered by additional post-shredder recovery.  Never-the-less, in law any non VM-contracted ATF that accepts scrap vehicles for treatment is legally responsible for meeting the recycling targets themselves.  So it is vitally important that you make arrangements in advance.  You will not be required to report to BIS on 95% targets until 1st July 2016 (and this will apply to vehicles processed during 2015).
We understand that CTB are planning to achieve the 95% target via Axion Polymers.  Although details are scarce, we also understand that EMR are investing in 2 plants to recovery plastic for recycling and for energy recovery from the remainder.  We have no news on what Sims is planning to do.
The recent BIS letter also includes information about meeting the 95% target.
If you have any problems with obtaining target contributions, or completing the forms, please contact Chas at the MVDA office 

                                                                  Target reporting timetable

                                Target level    Vehicles processed during         Reporting deadline
                                        85%                                      2013                                          01/07/2014
                                        85%                                      2014                                          01/07/2015
                                        95%                                      2015                                          01/07/2016

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