Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Engine/Gearbox Export with a difference

BBR Procurement Ltd (BBRP) is offering members an engine-gearbox export service, but with a difference.  A number of members are already using the service.  BBRP is being run by a couple of gents that will already be familiar to many of you – Mike Rivers, ex-Ford & CTB, and Mike Booth, ex-CTB.

BBRP provide access to a website which uses ‘number plate recognition’ to identify which engines-gearboxes are required by their clients, and generates a quote for the units.  These quotes are valid for 30 days.  Currently, we understand that there are abut 600 lines required, with more being added continuously.

The emphasis is on exporting good reusable engines-gearboxes, not scrap, possibly those which members have in over-supply (e.g. certain Ford Ka engines).  So clearly, the units must start & run, and not have holes in the sumps or blocks.  Units are expected to be supplied as engine + gearbox with ancillaries (e.g. starters, alternators etc.) attached.

This offers a second or third level outlet to members, at prices better than scrap.  But it also aims to cut out all the ‘messing about’ often associated with exporting.  Once a quote has been accepted, it will be honoured for 30 days.  The supplier needs to deliver the depolluted units to the BBRP premises in Guildford, but this can be done in bulk.

There is a small monthly cost attached to the use of the website, but this depends upon the level of use by the member.
Any member interested should contact BBRP for further details

BBR Procurment Ltd.
(01992) 568 208
Mike Rivers 07713 515 370
Mike Booth 07789 911 883

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